Comedy is one of those businesses where it is up to you to make things work.  Yes, some people have the luxury of being extremely lucky.  They may walk into a comedy club on the night that some big talent scout is there and be on a sitcom by lunch.  For most of use, it is a steady stream of rejection and mediocrity until you either are good enough to push through any obstacle or you give up and start working as a cashier at Safeway.  

So, when I was frustrated at the way my comedy career was heading I asked my good friend Troy to help.  He game me an outline and I have tried to adhere to it.  It is mainly about getting more attention for you and your comedy through social media, probably the greatest blessing for comics since amplified voice devices.  What I am attempting to do is draw people (you) into me as an artist and a person.  So with that in mind, I am doing things a little differently.

First, is the laziness in which I go about areas like twitter and Instagram.  I will be putting more stuff on both of those so please follow me on twitter (@harryjriley) and Instagram (mozaralla stick).  Then I will be doing anything on Google Plus.  Just something.  Because I was doing nothing on it before.  I have a fan page on facebook in which I am supplying more than just show dates and I will be posting more stuff on youtube.  It will not just be me doing stand up.  It will be a vlog style show about almost anything.  I am still trying to figure out the name, but until I get my gear I am still in the planning stages of that.  This is me trying to put more into my comedy career then just working at bars.  Let’s see where it goes.


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