The Plight Of The Spokane Comic

This may be what happens when you are in a small market, but for some reason if you are from Spokane Washington and proclaim yourself a comic you get a look of distaste.  Distaste may not even be the proper word, but it is the word that comes to mind fastest when you deal with outside booking agencies in regards to work.  This is unique phenomenon to the Spokane comic.  A portland comic gets at least a glance.  A Seattle comic will at least get that one chance to show what they can do.  Now, before I go further this is not a pity party.  For someone that no one knows I do pretty good for myself work wise and respect wise.  It is the other 20 or so comics that I am writing this for.

Whenever I get to sending out avails to these bookers one of the first things that cross my mind is to include that I am living in Spokane Washington.  To someone that books in the Midwest, that is a great thing to know because the distance is shorter (as compared to Portland or Seattle). I think it boils down to people assuming that Spokane has shitty comics because people assume Spokane is a shitty place to live.  Why would you try to be a comic in a shitty town unless you are a shitty comic.  As you can see this is a circular argument with no end in sight.

If you listen to older comics they will tell you it has to do with a couple of guys who used to live here back in the day.  They wrote bad checks and screwed people, so a general hatred developed for the Spokane comic.  Another story goes that this is the land of the joke thief.  People who bring their glorious jokes here soon find out that they are getting ripped apart like some roadkill.

That is not the comics that I hand out with.  Have gotten to know.  They are good comics who are just in a pretty ridiculous spot (more on that in another post).  They have to bear the brunt of the ones before them.  That is pretty fucked up if you ask me.  I tell these guys that if they want to rip that stigma away from themselves then they have to be out there in the scene proving that they can murder a stage.  You can’t half ass it when people already think you are shitty to begin with.


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