Now The Work Begins

So I am officially out of school.  I have moved from “student” to “unemployed” in a matter of days.  You would think I would be scared, what with the bills stacking up and the job prospects really dim.  Not I!  I have comedy to fall back on…wait.

Getting yourself booked into places where you can bring home money to knock out the rent is a little bit harder than it seems.  You would think if you have been doing comedy enough that you have enough people in the business to just help you out and you can get into all the cool rooms. Not so.  First, most of the comics you know are just like you.  They are trying to get into the same places that you are now requesting to play.  I doubt my friends are that petty, but I think all comics believe that by getting someone else “in the door” means they will be left on the other side of it.  I have seen it.  People who will say they have the number to a booker, but then “forget” to give it to you.  Or when you do talk to a booker or someone who runs a room and you drop their name you never hear from said booker/room runner again. This can all be a coincidence.  Or it could be that your comedy buddys feel they are in direct competition with you, which to some extent they are.  There are only so many weeks in a year (52 if my guess is right), so it is really hard for most of us to let someone who might have an edge get that week and you miss out on money that could keep you from living in your car (or worst your mom’s place).

Right now my strategy is to try to get as many dates as possible and if I can’t get enough then just get a job to pay the bills until I do.  I don’t have the weight of getting a college degree on me any more.  I have that.  Now all I have to do now is go get what I really want.