Lazy Ass

This goes beyond just being a comic, but I think when you are doing stuff you should have like a threshold that when past, is considered successful.  When it comes to comedy however, that can mean several different things and that goal line moves every time you get close to it.  When I first started performing, I was just trying to get enough jokes (good ones that is) that I could do guest sets in front of people that paid to see comedy.  Once that happened I wanted to get paid.  Now that that goal is accomplished I sit here wondering what success will me from here on out.  Is it getting steady work?  Is it being a touring comic?  I have no idea, but it is something that I ponder all the time.

I have been slacking off on my attempts at getting more shows the closer I get to finishing school.  I have always just used school as a way to buffer my failings as a comic.  If I wasn’t getting as much work as someone who started the same time that I did, I just chalked it up to going to college.  I wonder what my excuse will be when I am out and working a job that I do not like?  The biggest thing that keeps me from getting more work is that I don’t push the issue.  I will contact a comedy booker and if they do not respond I just go on about my business.  There are many more people like me out there.  The types of people that will sulk and bitch about shitty comics getting work when those comics are the ones that are pushing it and getting on phones and talking to everyone they can.  These are things I have to work on and work on them fast or I will lose more that just confidence.