When a good run goes bad

Last Thursday I went to go feature in one of the few three night rooms this side of Washington state.  Joker’s Comedy Club is always a great room and it is fairly close so you can get there in under 3 hours.  For a road comic that is great.  Things went south on Thursday when I was trying to get there and my tire blew.  Now, I knew this tire was pretty messed up, but I did not know it was going to blow on me 45 minutes away from my gig.  I tried getting the spare on and realized that my tire iron was missing (my car was stolen in March of this year).  I called to get professional help only to be told that the spare needed different blots for the spare.  So I get a lift from the roadside guy and get ready for my show.  I am tired and now I have to worry about my car.  I was broke.  So the best I could hope for was CD sales helping me get the bolts I needed for the spare.  What I didn’t take into account was that this was the weekend of the boat races in the Tri City area and so the turn out would be a toss up.  I sold enough cds to get a happy meal.

The next day I get an angel by the name of David Albino.  He not only bought a tire iron, but got me another tire! Didn’t even ask for anything.  After the Friday show I drove to finally get some food when…my car cuts off in the drive through.  It started and I parked it and scarfed down my meal.  Saturday was spent trying to find something to do until the show because I was still broke.  I went to the Columbia Center Mall and walked around feeling even more broke.  When I tried to leave the car cut off again at an intersection and had to be towed back to the hotel.  Once off the tow truck it started up, but I wasn’t taking chances.  I walked over to the club, performed in front of a lukewarm crowd, and went back to the hotel wondering how much of my newly earned money was going to be going to fixing my car.

A road comic needs his car.  If you don’t have a car, you are just a funny guy that hitchhikes.  Because of how comedy works in the Northwest, if you want to get paid you have to be willing to drive a great distance to get to the funny.  No car = No money.  I invested a lot of my money into this car.  It was supposed to be dependable and get me where I’m going.  Once a car leaves me on the road a couple times, I no longer have faith in it.  So I traded it in.  Hopefully this car will get me where I need to be.


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