Whenever I am doing a show in which I get paid, I carry my CDs to sell.  I sell CDs, but some people sell shirts, baby cloths, and bumper stickers, anything that is funny and will get people to fork over some more money.  I like selling CDs because I can make them myself so I have an exact amount for a given show.  Not saying that having someone else make them is a bad thing, but if I invest 200 bucks in CDs I will be even more pissed if I can not get a profit from them.  When I make them myself I am certain to make enough to make more and spending money.

The reason Comics sell merchandise is simple:  Most shows don’t pay enough.  For instance I did one show and made 100 bucks.  Now after gas I would have been left with about 30 bucks.  I sold 40 dollars worth of CDs.  That isn’t a lot, but it was enough to get something to eat for a couple of days.  It has helped me do an entire run and not spend any of the money I made from the show.  Selling Merchandise helps features actually make money.  Maybe not enough money to not go to work the next day, but at least enough to get a coffee on the way in.

When I first started I was weary of selling stuff.  That changed when I saw Morgan Preston make 300 bucks one night selling shirts.  I was amazed!  He made as much as I was making the entire week in about an hour.  That’s when I started selling DVDs, which did not sell that well.  Then I switched to CDs and have watched the money…trickle in.  I think that is because I am not a good salesman.  I am almost embarrassed to be offering the thing for sale. I am not just taking a sharpie and writing my name on it.  There is cover art! That is another part of being a comic I really need to get down in order to take advantage as much as possible.


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