Comedy as art

Comedy is not like other art forms. When you look at a painting, the art has already been made. It is very passive in its nature. The artist is not trying to evoke more emotion out of you. The same with movies and music. Even stage plays are passive in the fact that the play will go on even if you didn’t laugh. Comedy is very different. It is a active art form. It would be as if the painter is still painting while an audience watches. I think a lot of people are not used to an active form of art. That is why TV is huge. You can sit and passively take in what the creators created. In comedy, the artist is asking a lot more of you. He is asking for your participation in the creation of art. With comedy, laughter is a large part of creating art. Without the laughter it would just be sad. That doesn’t explain why comedy is a part of larger cities and not so much in smaller parts. That’s another blog for a later time.


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