In your life you will encounter situations that will have you decided where you want to go.  When I was a teenager I had to decide whether to stay in South Carolina and work or go into the military.  It was scary, but I am glad I joined the Air Force.  When I was in the military, I was getting medically discharged and I had to decide what I was gonna do with my life.  After doing some comedy, I started attending school.  Again, another good decision.  Now I am encountering another situation where a big decision needs to be made.  Do I go into the job market or do I go back to doing comedy full-time.  I will have a degree in criminal justice, so there are a lot of things that I can do with that.  On the other hand, I love comedy.  The feeling of having people love the things that you have come up with can not be found in many places.

If you were to ask me a year ago what I would rather do, I would have said comedy.  I had nothing else.  I was a nomad.  Just trying to live and find enough money to pay rent.  Now I have a girlfriend and life is pretty freaking good.  I love being around her and having her in my life, but mostly I forgot how much I liked the stability of a relationship.  You always have someone who is looking out for you.  Making sure you are alright.  That is a great thing.  If I go out to pursue comedy it will be rocky at first.  There will be times where there is no money coming in and that is when true love gets tested.  I want to go after comedy with the knowledge I have now that I didn’t before.  I also don’t want to lose the one great thing that is in my life.  My girlfriend says that it will be alright, but you never really know until it comes and I don’t even know if that is something I want to find out.  This is what love does to you.  It makes you reevaluate your position in life.  I am sure I am not the only one that has sat there thinking if they should pursue their dreams or just go straight and live the common life.  I try to be pretty honest with myself.  I am not good at much, but comedy is one thing I know I am great at, I just don’t want to lose the person that gives me the strength to believe such things.


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